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The Basic First Aid course is ideally suited for those who want or need to be able to deliver Basic First Aid.  The emphasis of this course is on Dealing with emergency life-threatening situations in the absence of an Occupational First Aider and keeping a casualty alive until the emergency services arrive. On completion of the Basic First Aid course participants will have:   

· An understanding of the principles of first response. 

· The skills to provide necessary first aid until the arrival of qualified medical personnel.

· The necessary skills to deal with emergencies.

· Essential life-saving skills.

· All participants who pass the course successfully receive a certificate of Competency.  

The course includes:

- Cardiac Emergencies  

- Scene management  

- Bleeding & Wounds  

- Fractures  

- Soft tissue injuries  

- Unconsciousness  

- Burns  

- Respiration Emergencies  

- Adult C.P.R. 


Duration:  7 Hours 

Price: €137
Certification: 2 Year certification of attendance from STAC First Aid.

Basic First Aid Training

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