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STAC Emergency Response Evaluation
STAC Emergency Response

STAC Emergency Response Evaluation

Emergency Response
Evaluation Client Testimonial

"You can probably imagine my shock when I was told that two of my friends would be dead if this had happened a week ago."

At STAC, we have developed an excellent stand-alone package to ensure your company's emergency response plan is fit for purpose and can help save lives.  Our Emergency Response Health Check allows you to truly represent how your team, systems, and plant manage a major accident. 

Emergency Response
Evaluation Client Testimonial

"When we agreed to have our plant evaluated by STAC, we were very confident in our health and safety procedures."

STAC's Emergency Response Evaluation is vital in assisting you in implementing ISO:45001 Or OHSAS 18001 Emergency Preparedness and Response. 

OH-S indicates that you must identify risks, prepare plans, and train your staff accordingly.  The next step is to test these plans and responses.  To do this, STAC will send a team to the site to set up high-level realistic scenarios to assess how your team deals with accidents. 

Nobody can predict when an accident will happen or how severe it will be.  Likewise, nobody can predict how people will react, even with safety protocols and procedures in place

By assessing your team's response in safe, lifelike scenarios, you can build on techniques that work and address any practices that are not up to standard.  Working through these scenarios will also help your team build confidence in handling an actual industrial accident.  

Emergency Response
Evaluation Client Testimonial

"We thought we were prepared for an incident, but you are never really prepared until you experience it first-hand." 

We take safety seriously here at STAC because we believe you need to be ready for those unexpected moments in life. Everyone should be able to go home to their family at the end of a working day. 



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