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The Cardiac First Response (Community) course is aimed at members of the public as well as health care professionals. The course meets all the requirements the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council sets.  On completion of the Cardiac First Response (Community) course participants will have:   
· An understanding of the principles of first response

· The necessary skills to deal with emergencies

· Essential life-saving skills

· All participants who pass the course successfully receive a Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council certificate.  

The course includes:  

- Cardiac Emergencies.

- Aspirin Administration.

- Defibrillator (AED).

- Scene management.

- Respiration & Airway obstruction.

- Infant / Child / Adult C.P.R. -Basic life support. 

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: €121

Certification: 2 Year certification of Competence, recognised by Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council

Cardiac First Response Training

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