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STAC has designed our First Aid Responder Course to produce highly confident First Aiders with the skills and knowledge to provide care until the arrival of emergency services. The course is focused on practical skills and scenario training, which is backed up with theory sessions to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding.

  • A replacement for Occupational First Aid

  • Recognised by Health & Safety Authority from 1st November 2016

  • Meets all the requirements of the current Health & Safety Standards and requirements for employee training.

  • Develops a preventative approach to accidents and incidents within the workplace.


On completion of the First Aid Responder course participants will be able to: 


  • Demonstrate up-to-date practical skills

  • Explain new developments in First Aid


The course includes:


- Cardiac Emergencies- Incident Management

- Patient Assessment

- Injury Management & Shock

- Care of Unconscious Patient

- Burns & Electrical Injuries

- Poisonings

- Common Medical Emergencies

- Adult C.P.R. & AED

- Infant C.P.R & AED


Pre-Course Requirements : Valid Occupational First Aid OR First Aid Responder Certificate, proof of certification required. Proof of the last date of assessment is required. The burden of proof is on the learner and may affect the training certification.

First Aid Response Recertification Training

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